Allow people to generate funny images and share them on Facebook.
Increase your social media presence and generate new traffic and earn by placing ads throughout the site.


Common questions about Ozzy!

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  • What is Ozzy?

    Ozzy is a image generator web application which comes packed with over 12 modules for generating various images which can then be shared on Facebook to increase the traffic back to your website. You can monetize it by placing ads in various places.

  • How does it work?

    Ozzy comes with 12 image modules by default and each module will ask the user to fill a small form which will then be used to generate the images which later will be shared on Facebook.

  • Why should I use Ozzy?

    Ozzy produces a domino effect when it comes to traffic.
    Once a user shares a generated image on Facebook, people will see it and will want to try it themselves, which will lead them to your Ozzy powered website to do so which in turn will increase traffic and the exposure of the ads shown in your website.

Income from Ads

Earn by placing your ads into the defined ads areas of the application.

Local and remote storage

Store generated images locally, but also optionally, send them to Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces.

Backend area

Backend area to get insights and control every aspect of the application.


Easy management for image generation modules. Each module is self-contained.


Easily extend the application by creating new modules.


Get regular updates for free.


Demo login data

Url: https://demo.ozzy.fun/

Url: https://demo.ozzy.fun/backend/
Email: demo.backend@ozzy.fun
Password: demo.backend

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